Add a row with API Webhook

Hi guys, i want to use the API to add a new row at my app.

i create the workflow and is all working
but when i send the POST to add the row, it’s add too many rows, how could i solve it?


I see nothing wrong with your JSON.
Perhaps for some reason the webhook is being sent multiple times?

Also, thanks for showing me Insomnia :wink:

Key column is missing in your JSON payload…You need to specify the key column and its value at the beginning. In below page, refer to Section: Body :: Item#3

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i saw it, but my key column is uniqueid and at that page i found it “if the key field contains an “Initial value”, you can omit the key field value”

anyway, i tried to put the key column and i get the same error:

yeah, when i send the post i get multiples values

With “…same error…” are you referring to getting multiple records?
A second thought is trying with removing the RunAsUserEmail parameter from the payload.

Do the AppSheet logs show the API being invoked multiple times per ‘POST’ from Insomnia?

Any chance other actions/workflows are duplicating records?

Try changing the URL to a Postbin so you can see if multiple POSTs are sent there too.


Hi guys, i solved it, changing the preset from add row to custom, now works greats