Add a selected number to a date

I am trying to add a number of days to a date to come up with a future date and i cant get it to work. In excel the formula is =SUM(E5+L5) Where E5 is the date and L5 is the days to add. In Appsheet, I have the following cells- Date, WD Days. I just need to add those 2 cells to come up with a WD Date. [Date] + [WD Day] = WD Date. how do i get this to work?

[Date] should be a Date-type column
[WD Days] should be a Number-type column
Then you should just be able to do [Date] + [WD Days]


ARGH, I knew it was simple, I spent hours working on this. Thank you. The only problem is i have to click(touch) WD Days for it to calculate the date.

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True, or make it a virtual column.

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