Add a Send Email Action to a user for selected shifts

I have started to create an App that display various work shifts available at numerous hospitals.

I want to create an action that will send an email which includes the shift details to an admin user (secure) when a public user (unsecure) is interested in a particular shift.

I need my app to enable a public user to select a shift, capture the shift details and include this in the email to the admin user.

The App will need to collect the public users contact information so that the admin user can follow up with them.

I’m very new to this and have hit a brick wall in terms of my ability to build out this functionality.

I have a table for hospitals, another for shifts. In the table for shifts I have column for [email] and another for [call] which includes a contact number. I plan to add a call and SMS function once I have the email set up properly.

Any ideas/suggestions or related Apps or help on this would be greatly appreciated.


First, you’ll need 2 separate apps, on 2 separate accounts to accomplish what you’ve stated. 1 Public plan app, and 1 Secure plan.

Start by reading the following article for sending an email via workflow on creation of a record.


Hi Marc,

Thanks for that. That seems logical and I have already started this step.

The brick wall I’m hitting is the action/workflow I wish to create. Ideally the workflow will look like this…

Public User selects a shift they are interested in. This triggers one of two actions:

Action 1. Make a phone call from the App via an action button available on each shift.

Action 2. Send an email from the App via an action button on available on each shift, which does the following:

  1. Captures in the email template body the table data for the shift the user has selected. This comprises of the following row & column data from the table “Shifts”:

Shift Details

  1. Collects Public User data in the email template body. I don’t want public users to have to sign in to use the app, however I do need to capture the following data which needs to be included in the Workflow Email body text along with the shift data.

First Name
Last Name

I am stumped as to how to tie this all together in a seamless UX so that…

A) Public users can find shifts they like and enquire about them
B) The HR team (Secure Plan) users can be notified when a public user expresses an interest in a particular shift via the App.

I hope that provides more clarity. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


Suggestions on what exactly? Which of these parts have you already tried or finished, and which are giving you trouble?

Hi Marc,

I have tried and finished (I think) all of the items I mentioned. The bit I’m running into trouble with is that the ‘Workflow Rule’ for sending email doesn’t seem to be working so I can’t test this to see if what I have done is correct and functioning properly.

Happy to share my App.

My Email Template is as follows:

Shift Enquiry

First Name: <<[First Name].[Name]>>
Last Name: <<[Last Name].[Name]>>, <<[Mobile].[Phone]>>, <<[Email].[Email]>>

Hospital Name: <<Hospital>>
Month: <<Month>>
Shift Dates: <<Dates>>
Shift Details: <<Shift Details>>
Pay Rate: <<Pay Rate>>
Shift Id: <<Shift Id>>
Shift Total: <<SUM(SELECT(Shift Details[Total], [Shift Id] = [_THISROW].[Shift Id]))>>

The intention is that the public user completes the form, the form data populates the ‘Enquiry’ table.

The rule for the email workflow is that when the table "Enquiry’ is populated and the condition <ISNOTBLANK([First Name])> is met, it will trigger the email capturing the shift details.

I’m at a loss as to what I have done incorrectly here. Happy to share the Google Sheet