Add a Simple FOR LOOP condition to allow for Repeating a Sequence of Actions like Multiple Rows in another Table and more!

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I could also make a proposal that the action: “Grouped: executive a sequence of actions” could be simply expanded to be a loop by having an additional expression for us developers to state what the condition of that FOR LOOP would be. It would allow for iteration, repeating a Sequence of Actions like ‘Multiple Rows in another Table’ and more!

You already have the logic that is scoped to constrain some conditions to particular purposes, like “Valid If”, “Initial Value”, “Show If”, etc.

(Perhaps on the backend you might define a hard limit, e.g. 100000 loop cycles max to avoid any potential infinite loop occurring.)

This is simple and would avoid such a complicated (and unnecessary) work around, like APIs, Webhooks, etc.

How about it back end developers? Can you implement it soon please?

Hi colin

 Thanks for supporting the idea. I see urgent need for this feature. I cannot proceed without it with my app I am working on.

Aesthetics like Color picker/selection, a new skin for the Development Environment and other unnamed upcoming UX improvements seem to have high priority.

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What kind of feature are you working on? Im sure it is possible.