Add a value to column in other table, but also other columns are updated, like date, etc

Hello, from the “Invoice Status” table (form), I update the status value with a BOT in the “Invoice” table (excel sheet), so change the status from “not paid” to “paid”. This works but at the same time the column with the original invoice date (with expression TODAY()) is changed as well, and also the in formula generated invoice number “CONCATENATE([Company debtor ID],”-",COUNT(Invoice[_RowNumber])+1)". So my question is how can I update the status column without the other columns are automatically being updated?
Hope you can help!

You likely want this expression in the Initial Value property and NOT the App Formula property of the column.

Initial Value will set the value only ONCE when the row is created.

App Formulas are fired every time the row is updated (with only a few exceptions).


Thanks, this works, is this the only method?

Actually no. But it is the best…unless you have other needs.

Other ways to perform the update would be:

  • Use an App Formula IF there are other conditions added so the expression only sets the date under those conditions.

  • Attach an Action that is triggered when the Form is Saved. Again there would need to be protection to ensure it only updates for the desired conditions.

  • Create a bot that triggers under certain conditions and then accesses an action to perform the update.

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Ok, thanks for your help!

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