"Add" action confirmation message doesn't behave as expected

(Jonathon Sinclair) #1

I would like a confirmation message to appear on form save, something to the tune of:

This information will become locked once submitted. Confirm?

I tried to achieve this by setting the Form Saved event action to “Add”, and on the “Add” action require a confirmation. It works, the confirmation button shows up, but if you press “Cancel”, it still saves the form.

I also messed around with grouped actions to no avail. Any way we can get this behaviour?

(Levent Kulacoglu) #2

The Cancel button on the confirmation message just returns back to previous state. So if you use it with a Form Saved action, it will return back to the Form state and the form will be saved. That’s inevitable. The best way to achieve this is: you can put a YES/NO ENUM with “This information will become locked once submitted. Confirm?Display Name, and set its Valid_if to:


So unless the users do not select the YES button, they will not be allowed to save the form. Also you can set a similar expression to all the fields’ Editable_if in a way that if they select NO all those fields are locked and the user should inevitably choose to cancel the form:



AND(TRUE, NOT(IN([KeyColumn], TableName[KeyColumn])))


AND(ISBLANK([Confirmation]), NOT(IN([KeyColumn], TableName[KeyColumn])))