Add Action Display Name

In an Add Action I was using this Display Name expression:

COUNT([Fahrzeug].[Related Seites])=4,
" ",
"Neue Seite"

Since today my App stopped working because of this error:

I understand the message. This is because we cannot use columns in Add Actions.


But the bad thing is, that my App was working several months and today it stoped.



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Per the developers, this is intended behavior: the Add action is “table-scoped”, not “row-scoped” (prior to the add, there is no row). The prior behavior was due to a bug, a bug that has been fixed.

The developers are open to your thoughts on how a change like this could be made differently to give app creators a better experience.


@Fabian this should have caused an error in the editor (where it was immediarely fixable). But it should not have caused an error for live running apps without your opening the app in the editor. Could you confirm please?

Our rationale is that this is clearly an app definition bug (that display name will not resolve meaningfully at runtime) but our app compiler failed to be rigorous enough in finding it before. It’s important that we keep finding such issues and fixing them.


But it looks like this change did not get recorded in the release notes! We’ll figure out why it slipped thru the cracks.


@praveen There was an Error in te Editor. But the App was also blocked with “please contact the App creator” or so.

Right. I understand. This is one of those things where apps run against the latest version and your latest version had an error when you opened it in the editor.
The same thing bites you if you make a change to the app definition and for some reason, you overlooked something that caused an error.
We’ve been wondering how best to deal with this independent of this specific change. Perhaps we should always serve the last runnable version? Open to suggestions.


This would be cool. The user should not get the Error-Version, but the last stable.


Yes please!