Add action Icons that are just a letter to inline display

Good afternoon,

I have a table view with actions assigned to a column

Table View


When you click the + or - you then select the prompt

Select Prompt


Then you see your selection back in the table view

New addition


in order to make this flow more smoothly I would like to handle everything from the initial table view
by building an action for each of the prompts and assigning an Icon to represent each of these actions.

I would like the Action Icon to just be the first 1 or two letters of each options so that the following occurs

  1. You select + or -
  2. YesNo values is set accordingly
  3. Because there is now a YesNo value but no Prompt value the ± icon are hidden and the icons for the prompt values are now shown in their place , (I) (G),(PV),(V), (M),(PP),( P)
  4. Selecting one of these icons set the prompt value and since there is now a prompt value those are hidden a the ± show back up with the appropriate one highlighted.

The only thing I cannot figure out how to do it to create the action Icon for my prompt values.

I can only assign the pictures shown in the list but I would like to have an icon that is just a “I” or a “G”

Does anyone know how to get make this happen?

Thanks in advance

Action icons can only be icons chosen from the icon list in the action configuration; you cannot create or use your own icons.

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Thanks Steve,

I suspected that was the case based some similar questions from last year.

Since my existing flow is 3 clicks: click(±), Click (Prompt), Click (Save) and I am trying to get to 2 clicks: Click(±), Click (prompt), I did manage to get a workaround going in case anyone is interested.

I created a new slice for the table. I build a form where the only data to enter is to select a prompt.

I turned on Auto Save with the form.

My ± actions are group actions that 1. set the YesNo column to yes or no and 2. launch the form that allows you to select the prompt. Because auto save is on as soon as you select a prompt is goes back tot he original screen. thus giving my 2 click solution.

The only thing I am missing is having all happen from a single view but perhaps in the future if adding custom icons becomes a new feature.