Add action not appearing in Dashboard View - Use tabs in mobile view ON


I have a View that has a system generated Add button Overlay.
If I make a Menu View or a Main View for it, when I access it the Add button displays normally as Overlay in the right corner.

However, I make this view part of a Dashboard, it does not display anymore. I can understand why that would be the case in a normal Dashboard, where you have to scroll down through all the Views you select to be part of it. BUT, if the Dashboard has the Use Tabs in Mobile View option On, than it would be really nice if the Add Action button would display in it’s Tab so that you can actually use that View as more than just display, if used in a Dashboard.

Is this a bug on my side?
Or is this actually a Request? If so, is it possible or is there a reason it is not already so?

Thank you :slight_smile:

The add button does not display in table views inside of dashboard views.
You can click the header of the inner table view to go to just that view, where the button will appear.
So this would be a feature request, and I’m surprised it is not already (or at least I can’t find it in search).
Action buttons will show up in Detail views inside dashboards, you could try to leverage that somehow.

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I will change this to a feature request.


Thank you Marc and Aleksi.
I just added it to our Product planning app (which coincidentally did force me out of my Stats dashboard to actually create the entry. So problem well understood and pain felt here as well)



Perfect :smiley: can’t wait for it.

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Any updates on this functionality? It would be a massive time saver. I have clients who prefer to interact with their data via dashboards. This includes adding to the tables being viewed from the dashboard pane.


Another vote for Add record (display overlay) functionality in dashboards. Have wrestled with this for a while. Just seems like an intuitive feature that is missing.


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Another take on this problem is not that actions are missing in tabs, but rather that tabs are missing some way of navigating to the tab’s standalone view.

With mobile tabs turned off, you need only click a dashboard pane’s title to navigate to that view alone, and there overlay actions display normally.

Additionally, I’d say there’s a stronger case for solving the issue by implementing a way of accessing the standalone view of tabs, because in the standalone view you not only have your actions back, but you can also click through to detail views of listed objects, which you can’d do inside interactive dashboards, and require wasting dashboard real estate with embedded detail views.

Suggestions for navigating to a tab’s standalone view:

  1. Tap the currently selected tab
  2. Add a thumb-friendly fullscreen icon besides each tab’s title
  3. Double tap any tab
  4. Long press any tab