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I have a scenario -

Parent Table - P1 with a status column “Status”.
Child Table - C1.
Grand Child Table - GC1.

I want to hide / disable “Add” for C1 and GC1 when the “Status” is not blank. I tried various options in “Add” actions behavior for C1 and GC1 but unable to hide / disable “Add”.

This is a workflow related App and after submission I don’t want to allow edition / addition in the C1 and GC1.

Please help.


Hi @Rajan_PACHCHIGAR, in the past I’ve used, for example, a change in the P1 status column to also trigger a change in the C1 and/or GC1 tables. That way you can utilize a “Only if this condition is true” filter on the appropriate action within the G1 or CG1 tables to show or not show any of the action buttons.

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