Add an action that prompts an input box

It will be nice to have an action that will prompts an input box. Then any input from the user can be set to a column.

If multiple rows are selected when the action is triggered, the same input value shall be applied to all rows.

This would be great, add the barcode scanner button as well.

I imagine something like scanning the barcode of an order to add the tracking to the registry…

For the first requirement, you can create an slice with just 2 columns the ID and the column you want to save data, then create an action button calling a VIEW, and use LINKTOROW.


That’s a very good idea, I did not remember that, I’m going to use this …


@Steven_Aung. I remember @praveen mentioning it in the Google+ Community in 2018 that this is a piece of functionality that they were working on a year ago already.
Not sure if the Appsheet Team continued with this.

@praveen is this still in the pipeline?

@Fernando_Lopez - I am not as experienced I Appsheet dev as you, so struggling to visualize the
UX that the user will see. Do you have a sample or video?

@Henry_Scott Yes, it’s still in the pipeline.

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@Aleksi ok great news. Cannot wait. Have a couple of Apps that the UX will be improved a 1000% if we can have that functionality

@Aleksi do you know if this will be done in the short term? - next 3 months

This feature is in testing stage at this moment. Maybe @Adam has more ideas about this.

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