Add an action that prompts an input box

(Steven Aung) #1

It will be nice to have an action that will prompts an input box. Then any input from the user can be set to a column.

If multiple rows are selected when the action is triggered, the same input value shall be applied to all rows.

(I Fix Gadget) #2

This would be great, add the barcode scanner button as well.

I imagine something like scanning the barcode of an order to add the tracking to the registry…

(Fernando López) #3

For the first requirement, you can create an slice with just 2 columns the ID and the column you want to save data, then create an action button calling a VIEW, and use LINKTOROW.

(I Fix Gadget) #4

That’s a very good idea, I did not remember that, I’m going to use this …


(Henry Scott) #5

@Steven_Aung. I remember @praveen mentioning it in the Google+ Community in 2018 that this is a piece of functionality that they were working on a year ago already.
Not sure if the Appsheet Team continued with this.