Add and additional field to capture who made the last edit


Very new to appsheet… just about 1 week old.
I have a very simple form. My users can add or modify the data in the form.
I’m using a field called LoginID = USEREMAIL() to see who is making changes to the data.
I also would like to capture who is adding the data.
So for example, User 1 creates a record. it is captured as his loginid
now if user 2 changes the record, the loginID changes to user2 id
similarly for user3 it changes to user3 id.
I would like to keep the login id of user1 but would also like to capture the login Ids of users who are making the changes. Not more than 3 users will be working on row of data.


This might be a bit complex for a new user but, use one column with the Initial Value set to useremail() to capture the creator. Then have a second email field called Last Updated By or something. Create an Action to record useremail() to that column. Use that action on Form Saved for the forms you want to do this with.


Also a complex approach: use a workflow triggered by the changes to record whatever you want to an entirely different table.