Add and update for different groups

I want to make a group of people be able to add in a view and another group of people just be able to make updates with an action in the same view (I dont want them to be ablet to add)
What do I have to do?

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I want to use a SELECT()

Go ahead. :slight_smile: You can use any expression you want so long as the result is one of the allowed values.

It not letting me use a SELECT(), what am I doing wrong?

SELECT() expression returns a List where SWITCH() expression expects a single value. Wrap your SELECT expression with ANY(SELECT(…)) and ensure that the expression will return an email value as you are evaluating the USEREMAIL() expression’s return value.

Provided you need to evaluate if the USEREMAIL() lies in the List of Selected Values then you need to use an IFS()/IF() and IN() expressions:

    IN(USEREMAIL(), SELECT(TableName[ColumnName], {Yes/No Condition})),
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