Add bulk barcodes in one time

I try to do inventory manager and use barcode scanner, I need add in one time 100-300 barcodes. And also bulk sale, just scan few barcodes in one time. Is it possible in this application?
Thank you

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In some extend it’s possible:

  • Make barcode readings a child table with reverse ref to your parent table, so that the reference table will appear as NEW button in the parent form
  • Your child table will have 3 column: ID | REF | BARCODE. Explicitly set Show_If to FALSE for ID and REF columns and that leaves only the BARCODE (scannable column) on the form
  • For the ChildTableName_Form UX, set the form view to Auto-Save and Auto-Reopen

Thank you, looks difficult, but I’ll try

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Hi @LeventK is there any sample app where we can find something like what you described?