Add button appears on read_only table

(Jonathon Sinclair) #1

I have an application launcher that is READ_ONLY. When I load another application, then go back to the app launcher, the ‘Add’ display overlay button appears, but it is unclickable.

The behavior goes away if you relaunch the application entirely. But it comes back as soon as you do the above pattern…

I cannot turn the ‘add’ button to DO_NOT_DISPLAY, because there is no add button under behaviour->Actions (the table is read only).

A video of the bug in action:

New Bug Encountered:Add action for table will not turn off when view is changed

Thanks for reporting the problem and including a video. It should be fixed after tomorrow’s update.

(Vlad Roman) #3


The bug persists

(Ellie F) #4

I have the same issue. The plus sign is randomly appearing . I have to update elsewhere in the app to get it to go away.

(Reza Raoofi) #5

I believe when @Adam mentioned “after tomorrow’s update”, he meant today (Friday) late afternoon or evening in Pacific time zone. It is 8:41 AM now.

(David Joyce) #6

I can confirm that it is fixed now and working for me. Thank you AppSheet!

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