Add button at top of deck view

can i add button at top of deck view that click on the button go to another view in app?

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is possible. You can do it from a detail view, however.

I’ve requested something similar for deck view:

I didn’t get much support but this has gotten more votes:

If you’d like to have such overlay actions on deck view, please vote for it.

Not possible.

@Accountfix_bank One workaround… add a fixed record that you can’t delete to the beginning of your list and then create a grouped Event action… the first will open your another view and the 2nd will open the detail view. If you name that first record like your requested view name, the functionality is correct.

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I don’t understand you … can you let me link to movie that show what you mean…?

Well… it’s something that people are not used to use and we don’t have any video. I will make a small sample.

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Thank you. I will thank you if you send here the link to clip that you do.

Check the the sample app called “ActionDeckView” from


Very, very cool! I was not aware that this is possible. I copied and studied the app and learned from it that it is possible to “hide” actions in deck view and table view by changing the default action for “Row selected” to a group action and then insert any actions you want to occur in the background before the normal navigation. Great!

I checked out the app out of curiosity but it has actually helped me solve a problem I spent several hours struggling with last night. Thanks!!!

You’re welcome

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Thank you Aleksi for that sample.
One addition: the delete Action should have the “Only if this condition is true” = [_ROWNUMBER]<>2. So you can not delete the first Deck.


True :smiley: