Add button to form

Hi team! Just have a very quick question for you.

I’m wanting to add an inline button to create a shortcut to a new, blank form.

What we are trying to achieve, is instead of entering form data, clicking save, and then ‘add new’ button, instead adding a shortcut to enter form data, click ‘new entry’, which will save current data + open a new blank form.

Attached is a screenshot of the page in question. This can either be add a button between cancel/save, or add an inline button at the bottom of the form. Hope you can help!

May I ask why the option “Auto re-open” is not enough?

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One trick that I’ve found users like is to include a “Navigation_Option” at the bottom of the form - this is an Enum with options like:

  • Go Home
  • Add another
  • View Order (or whatever).

Then in the form’s Save Event, I’ll put a navigation action that’s watching this column to determine where to go next.

This gives people the option for what they want to do right there in the same screen.

If you add a divider at the bottom of the screen, this helps to differentiate this lower navigation section from the rest of your form. OR… you can put the navigation on a separate page.


Ah excellent, that sounds exactly what I’m looking for! An option to click ‘add another’ next to the cancel and save buttons! Will try a little later when I’m behind my Pc

Apologies for another question team!

I’m trying to create an event whereas when the ‘add another?’ field equals to Yes (=TRUE), the onclick event is save & open new form. I can’t seem to find the right setting to edit the ONCLICK events.