Add calendar with roster feature to app

Hello, Not sure if there might be a sample app out there that shows how to do this but we want to add in a new feature to our app, which is a calendar that our users can select the days they want to be on duty - and then if they are off duty they will not get any notifications on those days.

Also, there cannot be more than one user rostered on a day, so that if a user registers for duty that day, then that day is not available for anyone else to register for.

In generally you can do that if you set the Date field as a key column. Then others are not able to select that date. Though your users need to sync the app before filling the form so there won’t be two adds at the same time. One way to do that if you create your own action that first sync before opening the new form. That doesn’t mean it’s 100% sure, but as close it can be.

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