Add custom action to a drop down list

If I have a column that references another table, generally a form will create a drop down list when focused on that column. The drop down will show a list of rows in that references table. For instance, an order table will have a column that references customers table.

As part of this system generated drop down there is an option to add a new row to the referenced table (if additions are allowed). See attached photo.

I would like to know if there is an option to add a custom action to this drop down menu in the place of the “new” action. Or is it possible to modify the “new”?Screenshot_20201121-191010|245x500 option?

What’s the reason you want to modify it? What’s your purpose?

I would like to change this because I use multiple tables accross many apps and creating all the same validity rules, suggested values, ux, behaviors each time I use a table in a new app is cumbersome and I’d like to explore the option of using an external app as a subroutine of sorts.

I would likely still need to include those tables but read only and when I need to add a row id call the app specific to that table.


Not in any significant way.

Not possible.


Too bad, it would be nice if appsheet was scalable.