Add data from another spread sheet


I have created an app for generating a travel request for a particular project, which the authorities can approve or reject. The form has two columns [Project No] and [Project Title]. Every Project Title has been assigned a specific Project No. This data is present in a seperate spreadsheet named “Project Data”.

I am trying that whenever the [Project No] is entered, the column [Project Title] should automatically be filled based on that Project Data spreadsheet.

I am new to AppSheet and trying to figure out this.

Kindly help me through this.

Assuming that:

  1. There is a [Project No] in the travel request table - ref to - [Project No] which is in another separate “Project Data” table,
  2. [Project Title] is also available in the travel request table,
  3. You can then apply App_Formula of [Project No].[Project Title] to be able to automatically be filled based on Project Data spreadsheet.

You might also want to check samples application here and more detail about referencing between table, here.