Add Delete Action in reference table

I built a reference table in a form page, originally it had the ability to delete from the reference table, but I must have clicked on something and now it’s no longer there. I went to behaviors and tried to turn the delete behavior to in-line and everything else, but no luck. Any one know had to turn this back on? thanks

Hi, you can delete child records when you are creating parent record and it’s childs. You have probably seen the delete action there. Now when you are modifying the parent, you are not able to delete those existing child records. That’s coming from the design. Though you can delete those child records from Detail view > View(4).

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Oh… I think I did something goofy. I was adding the child records separately. And now that I look at the creation of my parent record, I don’t see the ability to add child records in there. Is there a simple way of dynamically adding child records by using a value in a column?

If you have the inline view on the Detail view, you should be able to add new records if you are able to add new records into that table. You should see a “New” button.

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