Add Detail View Button?

Hello AppSheet,

I need help to understand the order capture app example. I want to know how detail view is added from the attached file example and how is the add button added to the add order tab?


That’s there become the tables are connected through references, and the child table (order detail) is marked as “is a part of” for the parent table (order).

When you set that setting to true for a reference, a button appears inside the parent’s form allowing you to add child records directly from the form. It creates a sub-form type of interaction, where you first enter the parent, then enter the child record - and can add any number of child records - and when you’re finished they all save at once.

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Thank you for the information. It helped resolve my problem. Just wondering if there is a way to have a delete button alongside an add button?

Unfortunately no, that space under an inline view is not available.

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Thank you very much for helping me out!