Add Display Overlay Button Not appearing on Mobile but appearing on Laptop Mobile View

Hello everyone,

I have an odd situation … I made an Add button and set it do Display Overlay and it appears and works great on the Mobile View of the Apssheet Editor on my laptop, but on the actual phone, it’s not there.
It’s a deck view on the menu. I have other such views that display the Action button just fine.
The view is for a Table, not a slice.
And it’s a button I made to take me to another View, it’s not the one made automatically by Appsheet (my best guess is that this is the problem … maybe only the automatically made buttons would work, but then, why does it display and function perfectly on my Laptop?)
If so, is there a way to make the automatically created button take me to a certain View I want with already filled in column?

Any idea why that happens?

Thank you,

Congratulations @sorin_mihai
It seems that you just explored a new function that we where waiting for years :partying_face:
Because until now, overlay Actions in Table / Deck views where possible only with the Add (Plus) Button.
I just tested that we now can use overlay Actions also for “Go to another view within this app”.

Please re-install your App on your phone. This will show the Action also on your phone.


:partying_face: Oh yeees :smiley:
Great, can’t wait to also see it in the Deck Views of Slices in Dashboards :smiley: or is it already there too?

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Hey, the button we are talking about, it displayed for a while, but it slowly desappeard both for me and the app users, not to all at once oddly enough.
Any idea what is going on? Are you aware of this?

Any body else experiencing the same thing?