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I’m new to Appsheets so bare with me on this question.
What controls the icons of edit plus to be displayed on a view. I have some that have the edit but not the add then some with only 1.

I’m trying to get the edit option on a view but can’t figure out why it doesn’t show up. The table and slice (I created a slice to be able to add the actions to the slice) have update/edit/delete on.


Hey @Virgil_Wilson.

Any “buttons” that you see floating around or attached to a column are called “Actions” - and you can find them all on the Behavior>Actions panel.

Do hide them, you can change their “prominence” - or you can create a conditional formula as well.

Read more about them here:


@MultiTech_Visions I guess a better way to put the question would be what determines the system actions being displayed?

By default, if you are referring to the overlay ones that “hover”, it depends on the view. Not all views are allowed to have overlay actions.


It depends on the table, and the permission of that table - along with the view type as well (but that’s limited in scope).

So if I’m looking at the “Pond5” table, and the permissions for that table are all set to default

Then I would see the actions:

  • add
  • edit
  • delete

If Delete’s aren’t allowed, then I won’t see that action.

Now you can further take control over the actions with the conditions for each one.

There’s more involved, AppSheet is incredibly complex in certain areas - but that’s the jist.


So is it the same when you use slices? If you leave the default you should get the same result as the table?


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@MultiTech_Visions thanks for the info.

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