Add event to Google Calendar not from iCal Files, but from URLs

AppSheet is natively support to generate the iCal files out of BOT jobs to sent the ical file to recipient to add the event to the calendar. But it is bit painful for Google Workspace | Calendar users as ICal file is not easy to add event to Google Calndar (yes we have option to add event out of iCal file though)

To make the life for Google Workspace user easiers, we are recommending to make action to go to URL to add event to Google Calendar.

To add event, just construct the URL (within VC) based on the column in the same row.

Assuming we have starting dateTime as well as end dateTime coumn alonng with detail | title of eventm who would be invited and so on.

This is basic syntax (AppSheet Expression) to generate URL to add event.

We can employ the expression within VC, but OFC we can use within URL action.

Out of Start | End dateTime field, we need to convert the value to DateText, StartTimeTex, EndTimeText value to consume.

[DateOfEvent] Date time field also need to be converted to Text value as well.

[DateText] — Text([DateOfEvent],“YYYYMMDD”)
[StartTimeText] – Text([StartDateTime],“HHMMSS”)
[EndTimeText] – Text([EndtDateTime],“HHMMSS”)

For invited member, you create list of emais to be invited, as enumlist and pust to [inviatedMembers]

"Add to Google Calendar"

Once the action is fired, the add event to Google Calendar is opened in browser. The user would just hit the same. This is better process rather than to download iCal ratherto local and open and save.



There are other params we are able to manipulate, but we are currently studying that now.

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