Add Events to the App-USER's Calendar Using Dynamic New-Draft Event Links

AppSheet can use a Google Calendar as a data source, but the app-owner is always the ‘Meeting Organizer’, or owner of the event.

What if you want to create an event in the app-user’s calendar?

I found a free webtool to build custom links to a new calendar event. You can specify event details, then generate a link that will open a new draft event in the app-user’s calendar.

Similar URLs can be built with an AppSheet action to ‘Go to a website’, using values from the current row for Title, Location, Time, etc.


Thanks @GreenFlux

I hope Appsheet dev team will give us natural/native way so that all the app creators can manage easily. Until then, Let me borrow your tricks!


how do you figure the times? i see T120000z & T130000z ???