Add feedback to support articles please :-)

Is it possible to please add a “provide feedback” form on each page of the website - I mean specifically on articles?

As I’m learning the system, I’m finding information that is old (for example). I’d love to let you all know so you can make a note on the article that DON’T DO THIS BECAUSE ITS NO LONGER CORRECT lol :-))))))

Same goes for typos etc

In the perfect world, I agree the document must be always “up-to-date”, but I would admit it is pretty much hard to ensure. Especially like Appsheet platform which is changing almost everyday in terms of features and functionality to reflect those changes to the branch of documents tree.

Best approach is you report it to community place here or submit the report to to call for clarification and correction when you notice something.

It would be global benefit and contribution to all the appsheet creators I believe.

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Thank you Koichi for the plug and Toby for reporting the issue. Yes we are trying to keep the documentation updated, but we might be missing some things. Like for the product, these are bugs in our documentation we need to address and fix. Definitely report it to us using the alias.
Thank you for helping us make the product and supporting documentation better everyday as we improve the platform daily.

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If you identify the document and the concern here, I might be able to fix it.