Add filter capability on top of the columns

Please add a capability of filter on top of the columns in excel.
This site has this feature.

When i upload my excel data there is a filter button on top of any column and I can sort and select data as any parameters that I want. ( Exactly like Excel software)

I wish appsheet had this capability

Anybody isn’t here?
No answer !

Hi! I see that you’ve gotten some positive responses. Thanks for posting this idea.

In the past (years ago…), I put the same requests to the feature request app, but it should been buried now.
In addition to the filtering the columns individually, I wish to have options (for each app users)

  1. to re order the sequence of the column.
  2. Show / Hide toggle
  3. Add column

and save own setting.

Should be great and welcome by the app user to give more of interaction and free hands to customise the views.