Add filter capability on top of the columns

Please add a capability of filter on top of the columns in excel.
This site has this feature.

When i upload my excel data there is a filter button on top of any column and I can sort and select data as any parameters that I want. ( Exactly like Excel software)

I wish appsheet had this capability

Anybody isn’t here?
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Hi! I see that you’ve gotten some positive responses. Thanks for posting this idea.

In the past (years ago…), I put the same requests to the feature request app, but it should been buried now.
In addition to the filtering the columns individually, I wish to have options (for each app users)

  1. to re order the sequence of the column.
  2. Show / Hide toggle
  3. Add column

and save own setting.

Should be great and welcome by the app user to give more of interaction and free hands to customise the views.


@you_tube and friends,

I’m not sure I understand exactly how this kind of filtering works. Would it be similar to what I wrote about here:

I think this functionality would be awesome as it eliminates the need to guess what filtered views a user may want or need - they create their own.

I do understand that there is a lot of UI pieces that this kind of request requires so I wouldn’t expect it to be added anytime soon. But, it is the next evolution to our Table views.

I finally got around to checking out “Open as Apps” ( The filter function is cool. It doesn’t seem to have the kind of hierarchical sorting function I mentioned, the filtering goes a long way toward meeting that need. It seems to me, though, that the hierarchical sorting would be less of a departure from the AppSheet format – though I too would like to see the filtering.

By the way, in most respects, AppSheet still seems to be way ahead:

The biggest thing OaS seems to offer that could have a slight edge would be their customizable options for how data is viewed. But I think with all the work going into how the Card beta is turning out, it will be a moot point in a the coming months.

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I used to use Openasapp, clever German system! and I was impressed with their filtering function for table view, which I wish to have on Appsheet!


I’m still looking for this capability.
Is there anyone to have an idea?

Hi @you_tube! You’ve made a very good proposal that’s gotten a lot of support. I suspect that AppSheet will look into implementing this because many people seem to want it (me too). I think, though, that AppSheet is pretty quick to fix bugs but rather slow and cautious about adding features. So, personally, even though I agree that this is a good idea, I’m not surprised that it hasn’t been added to the platform yet.

You might try writing to to see if they are considering adding this kind of feature.

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