Add Image to Enum

I would like to use an Enum to display some images and allow people to select one of them or upload their own image.

When I tried this it would only allow text to be added to the list, not images

Have you set the Enum Base type to Image?

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When you “add” an item I would like for it to act as an image item

Maybe this is a feature request?

You can always try the help of an additional intermediate sheet / table to do your work.

Keep a separate image table with at least three columns - a key column (best kept with uniqueid), a name column and an image column. Add additional columns according to your need. Make sure the name and image column are set as labels. Call this table T-1.

Make a separate table from which you will select the images as reference from the main image table (T-1). When you drop down the enum, the image names as well as the images will show up as they are set as labels, and there will be an option to make a ‘new’ entry in the table T-1, where you will have to input an image and an associated name (and other fields if you deem pertinent). That will make a new entry, and will add to the list of image records.

I don’t know a workaround better than this.