Add label in related tables

I changed all labels translated to spanish in the Localize option, but the “add” label in views of related tables, don’t be translated. Always appears “add”

Anyone has the same problem ?

Hi Doni.
Yes I have the same problem .
I sent a request to support some months back. No response.
But just good if you send them a reminder;)

The Add label is changed by setting the Display name setting for the system-generated Add action for the corresponding table.


Thanks Steve. I will change all my add labels !! Regards

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This doesn’t help when I use a nested form. In the in-line view I couldn’t figure out how to change the label of “add”. Strange to say that under UX > localize > “Customize System Text” the test for “view” can be customized. Can anybody help?

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Thanks, I had a hard time to find the “system actions”.

For those who are stuck despite Steves screenshot: Navigate to Behaviour > Action. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “show system actions”. Then change the display names of the system actions.