Add more emails to "Are updates allowed?"

I have 3 tables which are not related. I want to add more than one user to access.
The default expression is:
I want like: “” “”, “UPDATES_ONLY”


I have a google sheet which contains emails with their respective role. I can assign limitaion depending on role. Either way will work for me.
Thank You.

You could try an expression something like below

IN(USEREMAIL(), SELECT(Email List Table[Email],[Role]=“Senior Manager”)) , “UPDATES_ONLY”,
IN(USEREMAIL(), SELECT(Email List Table[Email],[Role]=“Manager”)), “ALL_CHANGES”,
IN(USEREMAIL(), SELECT(Email List Table[Email],[Role]=“Observer”)),“READ_ONLY”)

Please replace with suitable actual names of tables, roles, columns in your case.

The below article discusses filter expressions on similar lines.