Add multiple entries from one form submission

I want to make a form submission with: a list of students names from a ref column, and next to each student name, a number field for grading, so it will add a number of rows equal to the number of students (with the corresponing grade) to the data table.
I was able to do this by putting the students names as column headers, but probably there is a better way to achieve this, for example takin the students from a students table in wich the students name are data and not column headers. But its importante to grade all the students in one submission, and not one by one.

Have you thought to add these grades as columns on your students table? You could set this table as a quick edit table so you could add those numbers in the “same” way than on spreadsheet.


Thank you so much. That’s exactly what I was looking for.
For now it works perfect with one table per class (i.e Biology-grades) I’ll see if that can be improved some how.

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