Add New Data row instead of replacing them

Are there any tricks to add new data row, instead of replacing them?
here are my step by step

1.when i click edit document and change the values
2.and then i hit the action button
image always replace the values

What i expect, like this :slight_smile:

I’m using this behavior

If you want to create a history of your editings:

  • Set the prominence (Only if this condition is true) of table’s System Edit action to FALSE
  • Create a new Action, set it’s diplay to Overlay with a behavior of

App: Copy this row and edit the copy


Hi @LeventK ,
What i need is, copy the row and then save it to another table
(not in the same table)

Yes, you need a reference action- check this sample app -

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I’m sorry @Bellave_Jayaram, but the apps is not found

Hi @LeventK & @Bellave_Jayaram ,
Thank you for your reponse, i believe i found the solution, the problems why the data keep replacing, because of the same key provided, so the appshet is automatically replacing them. So the solution is, i make a new key when the action button clicked

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Cool - glad you figured it out.

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