Add new entries to a form

(Carlos Daniel De La Torre) #1

Hi it’s me again,

I created a form in google forms, and with appsheet launched it to convert it to an app and after that i created graphics and stuff, but my point is that my form has questions like this:

My first question is multiple choice of my clients, and if i get a new client i can add it on google forms BUT it doesnt edits on my app, how can I edit my form on the app? I cant find the option, example: I added “Arrachelas” to my form but on my app I cant add or findhow to edit and add my new client too:

I am new to this and im not an expert so until i learn more i may be asking lots of questions :slight_smile:

(Carlos Daniel De La Torre) #2

Partially solved my question by clicking around.

Resulted that on the answers doc on the titles there is some sort of code, like this:

And I added “Arrachelas” but still not appearing on my app form, is there another way to edit without deleting and adding all or something?

Still not added:

So the other way i found is in: Data>Columns and click on my sheet answers, there edited the form and added the new entry, so i believe my question was solved.

Thanks :smiley: