Add new record from slice view

I have a simple maintenance request app with 3 statuses: submitted, in progress, completed. My primary view is my Tickets table, grouped by status. I don’t want to show any of the completed tickets so I created an Open Tickets slice with just submitted and in progress tickets. However, the add new button disappears when the slice is used for the primary view. Is there a way to only show the first two statuses and also have the add new button?

Does the Slice allow Adds?

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Yes I’ve already double checked that. It does allow Adds. I’ve tried turning updates and deletes on and off as well and still now Add New button.

Which “add new” button are you referring to? Screenshot?

This is the view when I select the Tickets table for the data source. It has the blue plus button to add a new ticket, but also shows the completed tickets.

When I change to the Open Tickets slice for the data source the blue plus button disappears as well as the completed tickets.

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Is there a condition expression on the Add Action for that Table?

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No condition expression. This is the Add Action for my Tickets table.

In the Open Ticket slice view I’ve added the Add action and now there are Plus iIcons to add a new record, but they’re in the Action Bar for each ticket which would work but is not what I’m looking for and a bit odd because adding a new ticket shouldn’t be associated with existing tickets.

Finally figured it out. I added the auto action back into the Open Tickets Actions and the big blue plus icon to add a new ticket has returned. Working the way I want it now! Thanks for the help!