Add new row(S) based on list expression value

I have a Products table in which each product has a [Category]. I upload products to this table via CSV upload action.

I have another table of Product Categories.

When I upload new products to the Products table, I would like to record any new product categories in the Product Categories table.

I can generate a list of new categories with UNIQUE(Products[Category])-UNIQUE(ProductCategories[Category]). This generates a list such as Cat1, Cat2, Cat5, Cat7.

I would like to automatically add new rows to the Product Categories table based on the individual values returned by the expression.

I imagine this can be done with one of the new automation features but have not delved into that yet so, I’m thinking of Workflows.

What might be the best approach to add rows to another able based on individual values returned through a list expression?

You can accomplish what you’re wanting by creating a system of actions that will run in a loop, one run for each item in your list.