Add Path to Workflow create PDF for File column


When my workflow creates a PDF I would like to add that filepath to a FILE Column.

I have an button that when pressed sets a value in the row to true and then back to false.

The workflow listens for updates where that column is set to true and triggers to create a PDF file from a Template

I would like to have the workflow also add a value to a Column that is type: FILE with the path to the newly created PDF File.

I appreciate any assistance.


Please check a sample app “WorkflowPDF” from

I believe it’s doing what you are looking for.

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Thanks for the information.

I can see how that can work. It requires you to use a static File name.

I guess I could add an action to my button to set the [File] column to a determined value and have the workflow set the filename to match the entry to the File column.

Thanks again