Add row data based on number of characters

Hi, i want to create simple one field form, with some logic based on leght of input data.
eg: I scan barcode, barcode contains 4 symbols, this data records in column “Cell Number”, next i scan barcode with 8 symbols, this data records in column “Order Number”
This is possible with appsheet?

Yes it’s possible for sure:

Thanks for answer. General question is how to populate data in two columns with single input field?
I want to have only one input field in form, but add data to two columns, based on lenght of scanned data.

If you set Advance forms automatically to ON, have only that scannable field in your form, and setting the form to Auto Save, you will be basically getting a new row of data with each scan - if that’s what you are trying to achieve.

Advance forms automatically not working correctly in my case. I have Initial value formula in “Cell №” column that substitutes value from previous cell. After that i need tap the screen button “save” after each scan.
I want minimize interactions with interface.
Returning to my first question - it is possible to add data to different columns based on length of scanned data?