Add row to another table only generates the first record of three

Hello, I’m trying to setup a scenario where users input a single record and upon save the system generates 3 records in another table with the data from that single record.

  • I’ve created 3 actions (Add row to another table) that will generate the 3 records
  • I’ve placed the 3 actions into a grouped action
  • Updated the Form’s On Save to the grouped action

When I input the single record, the system generates the 1st record perfectly but not the other two. When it attempts to generate the second record I receive an error advising one of the fields is invalid. All validations are fine so my guess is the system can no longer find the save record data in order to create the 2nd and 3rd record.

In the scenario above, the user can see the newly created record almost immediately with the action. This would be the ideal scenario for them vs. seeing the data later.

Is there another way I can accomplish this?

I have also run multiple “add new row” actions from a single grouped action, without issue. So I would suggest looking closer at the details of the validation error.

Ok so this is possible. When I separate the actions and run them individually, the record is added with no errors so it doesn’t seem to be a validation problem.

Oh I see, interesting. What if you change the order of the actions in the group?

Changed the order but no luck - always fails on the 2nd action. In your scenario, were you adding rows containing default data - possibly not data dependent on table 1?

Mine all depend on data from the record that the action ran from.

Ok update, I create a workflow with the grouped action and it works perfectly. I’ll report this as an issue. Thanks Marc