Add rows to another table Action

I’ve read and looked in a lot of places but can’t seem to find how this action is triggered.
I’ve create a table that serves as a template. I call it a “Service Setup” (it is a Service Template). In theory, upon the triggering of this action, a button or a scheduled event, a row would be created in the Table “Field Service” (based on the template). This is where I’m stuck at the moment: How do I a trigger the action? I have tried to create a button but it does not show (only app actions show buttons). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I’ve read all this. I just don´t get the answer I’m looking for. Thank you.

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What exactly does this mean? Please show with screenshots.


So the first part shows the structure: The master table (Bill-to), the the child Location, them the child to that is Setup.
Animated GIF-downsized

That gif looks really small. I will stick to screenshots until I learn how to do that properly. Please hold on.

So, I think now it will be much clearer. Just want to try this last one to make sure I can make the complete sequence. Thanks for the wait.

I do not understand what you’re trying to show in your GIF. I don’t know how it answers my clarification question from above. And I certainly still don’t understand exactly what you’re asking for.

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Yes, I am doing a very poor job at explaining. Will try to do it better. Sorry.
The location has a related Setup

When I want to add a new Setup to the table where I can copy from the related service, there is no button I can click to make that happen.

If I go to the view where I’m not adding, the button I have creates does appear but when I click it, nothing happens.

These are the actions related to that button. On this first one, if I choose the add option, no button will appear.

To get the button to appear, I needed to create a second action

This is as far as I have gone. I am stuck. Thanks for your patience and help.