Add searched for pin (red with black dot) to secondary data table map view


I would like to stop the searched for pin in a map disappearing when moving around the map when the cluster moves away from it. I have a secondary table and secondary column to show other pins on the map. As there are never more than about 10 in the secondary group they show permanently on the map.

Can I add the searched for pin to this table or in my case slice. I have the sytem generated action below but don’t know how to add this to my slice expression

This is the expression for the searched for map pin. My slice needs a yes/no result.

CONCATENATE("#page=map&table=Full%20List%20table&mapcolumn=Post%20Code&row=", ENCODEURL([_THISROW]))



Update - I’ve just noticed on another earlier version of my appm the searched for pin doesn’t disapppear when scrolling around the map but it does on the new one! This is what I’m trying to fix.

Update 2 - the pin disappears even on the old version now!


Could the Map Pin Limit be set to low?

If I understand your issue it is similar to one I had. Increasing the Pin Limit value resolved it. Basically, this setting allows a max number of pins to be shown. When you scroll around certain pins fall out of the “shown pins” list while other are added. This makes it appear they are vanishing.

You’ll find this parameter in the UX Option pane.