Add several services to an appointment


I´m creating an appointment app for beuty services. The idea is to register all the appointments and on each appointment, register all services the client will take.

I have the follwoing tables: Appointments, Services and AppointmentServices

Appointments: IdAppointment, day, time, client, etc…
Services: IdService, name, price, duration, etc…
AppointmentServices: Id, IdAppointment and IdService (table to relate each appointment with 1 or more services).

When creating a new appointment (form) I want to have a dropdown* to select several services to it and after closing, display the list of all services I´ve selected.

It could be a dropdown or a button to go to another page where I can add the services and save.


Hi Steve, thanks for your reply.

I was looking about dropdowns but I don´t see that anything helps on what I need. Let me explain better:

The dropdown (or any other alternative) should display the list of services and I should be able to select more than one. After selecting, for example 3 services and save, I would like to display those services in the Appointment form. I have something similar now with the Ref table AppointmentServices but I´ve to add each service one by one and I want to select more than one at the same time).

What I have now is the following (to create those 3 lines I had to add them one by one clicking on “New” button and selecting 1 service from a dropdown and save":

After saving the Appointment, the app should save the row on Appointments table and 3 rows on AppointmentServices table (that relates the IdAppointment with the 3 IdServices).

I hope it is more clear what I would like to do.

Thanks again!

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Hi Steve, Thanks again.

I still can´t do what I want with the links provided. I will describe the use case with more details so you can get what I ´ve in my head:

Creating an Appointment:

  1. Press the ADD button on Appointments View.

  2. Select the information of the Appointment like Client, date, time, etc. Before saving, I need to add 1 or more services to the appointment (but I want to do it as “one shot” -not adding one by one).
    So, when clicking on the dropdown to add services:
    I should see something like this:

  3. After clicking “Done” on previous screenshot, I should get back to the Appointment Form and want to see something like this:

  4. After click on Save, the database should look like this:

Today, I´m able to add the services one by one (setting the Ref of the AppointmentServices table as part of Orders table) but this is not what I want as what I described is a faster experience for the user.

(1) and (2) are possible. (3) is not possible. (4) can be accomplished with this:

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