Add text as layer to Image - Free API service

Hi @tsuji_koichi,

As per my understanding, the website you mentioned in this post or some other similar ones like this website of course writes text on a plain color background) typically write text with one color and font as per our setting.

Is there website or trick wherein one can possibly write 2 or three lines of text, each line with different font size and possibly different color?

I reckon can do that, i.e. multiple lines of texts.

Just for you.

For example. Gurjar

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Go to this site.

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Hi @tsuji_koichi,

Thank you.

Yes but possibly with same font size and color. Is there a way possible to have each line with differnt font size and font color please.

Fontsize and color setting should be global.
Not able to target which lines have which size and color.


Got it , thank you.

You re welcome

@Suvrutt_Gurjar I also tested different services.

But you cannot set different fonts in one image.

The only solution for that is SVG. Here you can do multi lines of text with different font.


I’m pretty much SVG all the way… The new edge browser has been update, and seems to work with it… So at least there is a Microsoft option


Thank you very much @Fabian for very useful details. Those really help.

Thank you @Grant_Stead. Your experience that SVGs work with Edge browser seems to make SVG case stronger than before as I believe renedering on Microsoft browsers was a major challenge so far.

Edit: I wish to use these services in dashboards. I will post back my observations and results.


The new edge browser is actually Chrome…


Oh ok. Thank you @Grant_Stead.

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It’s actually pretty great because now when i’m working with companies that are Microsoft houses, I can just tell them they need to upgrade to the newest Microsoft Edge browser… Vice saying “Sorry it doesn’t work on Microsoft…” Which is a sacrilegious statement.

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Yes , got it. Now it must be sounding a step forward statement.

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Gents, I submit a query to like this fyg.


Appsheet support.

Now new Edge browser is working on Chorme search engine.

There have been number of odd behavior, when the app users open Appsheet app on Edge as browser. The data could not be saved, particular views and/or fields not being displayed etc. Whenever we encountered those problem, we encouraged app user not to use Edge for browser when they play around with appsheet. However, it repeatedly happen the app user open Appsheet on Edge as they set it as default browser. We found it is far more difficult to keep app users to stay on Chrome even after repeated reminders to stay with Chrome.

Now Edge is based on Chrome search engine.

I m wondering if or not so called “Edge originated miss / odd behavior” will disappear? Or this base search engine change wont affect?




Another Amazing Tip from you Mr @tsuji_koichi Great!

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