Add the same column more than once in a group

Are you able to add a column more than once in a table group?

Why did I think that I was able to do that before :thinking:
But it seems that I can’t now without a virtual column work around.

It comes in handy to do so on the last two groups where you want to select something specific but also have them list separated on the last group.

Was also hoping that I could select a column in a group but still be available as an option to include in column order. It is sometimes useful to drill down with the aid if a group but still see the column slelected in the groups at the end if the drill down especially when you have been selected All on the drill downs

I believe the ability to do what you describe was removed. The alternative approach is to then group by _RowNumber.

Can you elaborate how grouping by row number is an alternative approach. I am not understanding.

Previously, you might have grouped first by (e.g.) Business Name, then again by Business Name. Nowe instead, group first by Business Name, then by _RowNumber.