Add to dropdown will save record in 2 sheets

Hi all

I have 2 sheets

  • Sheet 1 houses the records for 2 of my dropdowns (enum with valid if selection to that sheet)
  • Sheet 2 will save all data belonging to records (2 columns are the dropdown above)

Now I already figured out that I can use suggested values instead of valid if to allow new entries.
But this will only add this value in sheet 2 and will not add it to my sheet 1.

I’d like to create the option to make the dropdown grow by user input.
So when a user uses the add option it will get added to the record list in sheet 2 but the list for the enum will also get the new record.

How could I achieve this?

Use a Ref type column, instead of Enum.


I’m afraid I wrote my initial question wrong.
Tables were supposed to be google sheets.
This will probably change your answer.

Nope, same answer. Table = sheet.


How can you enable the ADD function on a ref column?
The dropdown works with ref but I have no option to add.

Does the Table itself have ADD permissions?


Aha it did not. But enabling this broke my app completely.
I’ll have to rebuild my sheets in a different way for this to work.

Thanks for clarifying the ADD permissions.

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Well I rebuild my tables and got it all to work but I ran in to an issue which I can’t seem to figure out.

As you can see above the ! symbol is added behind my reffed dropdowns.
The funny thing is that this is only shown on my browser and not on my tablet.

I have no warnings in my app and also saving doesn’t notify me off any issues.
What’s causing AppSheet to warn me inside the app but not in my editor?

Suddenly I’m presented with the following error when syncing.

Syncing in my editor app works but shows the ! mark.
Opening the app in a separate tab doesn’t show the ! mark but doesn’t sync and gives the error above.