Add two rows from one form: I'm trying to cre...

(Lyndon Ball) #1

Add two rows from one form: I’m trying to create a single form that adds two rows to a sheet from the one form.

I have a truck that delivers gravel. I want to record both the hours driven by the truck in a day, and the weight of the gravel delivered to a customer.

I would prefer two rows on a single sheet as this creates an easy CSV export from sheets to accounting software in the form of “Item, Qty, Value, Date, Operator” which works for both “Truck, 7, $120, 12/12/18, Bob” and “AP20 Aggregate, 310, $8, 12/12/18, Bob”

, but I want the driver to simply select the truck he was driving and then right below that the total gravel he delivered.

Is this possible? Thanks, Lyndon

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

This is not possible directly. You would need to use Webhook & API call to create that additional record.

(Lyndon Ball) #3

Thanks, is that as difficult as it sounds (requires other programming knowledge)?

If I set the gravel up as a sub-record to the trucks, I wonder if workflow rules will allow a row to be added to the main table if a gravel record gets added to a separate gravel table.

Or alternatively have my CSV file pull data from two tables (again gravel being a sub record).


(Aleksi Alkio) #4

That won’t work automatically either. If semiautomatic would work, then the easiest way could be an Event action with LINKTOFORM deep link.

(Lyndon Ball) #5

Thanks for your pointers, I’ll explore the LINKTOFORM approach.

I’ll also have a look at producing a report that pulls both truck hours and product quantity from two separate tables.