Add userview only fomula

I have this formula on a slice but want to add only user logged in can view there data only.
I cant work out what I would need to change in this formula.


  • LIST([1.Condition of Vehicle Scanning Equipment],*
  • [2. Proper number of MIG welders given building size? Condition of MIG welder(s)], *
    *[3. Condition of pulse welder(s)], *
    [4. Condition of spot welder(s)],
    [5. Condition of plastic welder(s)],
    [6. Condition of measuring system],
    [7. Condition of frame rack],
    [8. Are proper frame rack accessories (clamps, hooks, chains) available?],
    [9.Condition of AC Machine(s)],
    [10. Condition of Lifts],
    [11. Equipment other],
    [12. Does shop have sufficient electrical power drops?],
    [13. Overall condition of paint booth(s)],
    [14. Condition of mixing room],
    [15. Are our company Iawata spray guns available? Condition of spray guns],
    [16. Overall condition of building regarding maintenance],
    [17. Overall condition of building regarding housekeeping],
    [18. Proper PPE precautions observed]
    • {“Yellow”, “Green”," ",}*


Unfortunately we have understood nothing with your problem. If you want to show/hide specific UX view from the users, then you can use the SHOW_IF property of the view with this expression (assuming that you have a users table):


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Sorry if i didn’t explain this very well
I want the slice to show the information for the current user.
I have the formula in another slice as this [Evaluator].[Email]=USEREMAIL()

And wanted to add it to the formula which is on the original question.

I want to know how I could combine them into one formula to use in this slice.

I hope this explains the question request.


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I might sound crazy
but where would I add AND( [Evaluator].[Email]=USEREMAIL())

Inside the original formula or outside?

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