Add value in dropdown list linked to an external sheet

Hi, I’m stuck with a new problem
It there a way to show a dropdown list linked to a google sheet document and be able to add values to this list when a new value is written ?
I tried data validity but did not work.
I tried ref / rel but it shows me a warning next to each item

(i have several dropdown lists to show, and for the moment i created one unique sheet with all the lists ; there are also associated values or descriptions for some items from the list )

Thank you !!

Please try to use “Suggested Values” with the Enum field and then set the option “Allow other values” as ON. You should then see an option “Add or Search” in your dropdown.

Thank you aleksi, but it does not allow me to add any new value

Any new value for that column or any new record?

There is no add option that appears.
But i’m not sure i understood… Which formula should i type in “Valid If” and in “Suggested Values” ?

I tried with This formula : Listes[Arbres] in suggested values, now i can add an item in the list but in does not add it to my google “Listes” sheet
I made it work with the reference option but each item appears with a warning that i do not understand

Ok I managed to do it by using a reference table and i had to do one list per table in google sheets

When you use Enum or EnumList field and you want to add more options, you are able to do that if the option “Allow other values” is set as ON. If the other option “Auto-complete other options” is set as ON as well, it will read your values from this specific table. This means you can still use the formula like Table[Column] and read values from another table, but you can still use other values. Though if you delete records from that table, you won’t see those options anymore.

OK ay but when you say “it will read your values from this specific table” ; where do you say to appsheet which values to read ?

When Auto-complete other values is ON, AppSheet will include all distinct values in that same Enum or EnumList column.