Adding a Co Author Issue

Hey Everyone.

My client has invited me to edit the App, I have received the email but App is not visible in my AppSheet account within “Co-Authored Apps” and also if click on the edit App from my email it is redirecting me to the Sample Apps.

I have worked on several Apps but it is a unique issue, Please help.

Any chance that you are logged in with a different email address or you have another tab/browser opened with a different email address?

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I am logged-in to the same email address and I do not use multiple email addresses.

Here is the App name and account ID

This app has been shared on

I hope you may able to find the issue.

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Let me check the app…

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I’m not able to check the app. You need to ask from the app owner to give that access. He/she can find that setting from www.appsheet com > My Account > Settings

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