Adding a condition before triggering an action

Hi All,

I made a sort of classroom checklist for students to mark tasks they complete. Once they complete all tasks, they are automatically redirected to a form. See below:

I was able to accomplish that with a dashboard where the second view is simply a deck view using a slice that filters out tasks that have been marked completed.
The student clicks on an action to mark its completion. When there is only a single task left I display another action to perform the first action + a redirection. The end user doesn’t know it is another action since I pick the same icon (here I put the US flag to show you).

This works great but I would love to use the swipe right feature to mark task completed instead of the action icon.

The problem is that the swipe can accommodate only one action.

So I can’t use the same trick (ie: same icon for 2 different actions).

Any creative idea on how I can do that?


I assume you’re using a grouped action for the second action(when only 1 record is left)?
And you’re hiding/showing between the two with a Behavior condition?
Move the behavior condition from the grouped action, to the navigate action, then have the grouped action fire for every instance. The navigate action won’t fire if the condition is not met.


@Marc_Dillon: I adjusted the Behavior condition to 0 card left instead of just 1 and moved it to the redirection action condition and it’s working perfect!

Thank you so much!

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